It’s The Card That Counts

Posted on September 27 2017

It’s The Card That Counts
At the Garden of Eden Flower Shop, picking out fresh and beautiful flowers is easy, but finding the right words to put on the card can be pretty tough.  It’s hard to say what you’re feeling, and while we help say what you need to in the language of flowers, we figured that we should help you in the language of English, as well.  So, please join us today for some great ideas on what to put on the card when you have a rough case of writer’s block! Romance “She loves me, she loves me not.  She does love me.” “When I stop to smell the flowers, I take my time and think of what really matters—you.” “You have planted a garden of love in my heart, and I will tend to it as long as I can.” “Flowers are like love—forget them and they will languish, but tend to them and they will flourish.” “Flowers today, fireworks tonight!” (be careful with this one!) Anniversary “Every year is sweeter than the last.” “For all these years, you have been my first thought in the morning and my last thought at night.” “Happy anniversary to my wife, who is more beautiful than any flower.” Just Because “Thought of you and if how much you love these [type of flower].” “No, I’m not up to anything!  Really!  These flowers are ‘just because.’” “Just because you’re you.” Get Well “Good health starts with a happy heart.  Hope these flowers start the job!” “Sending you a little sunshine to brighten your day.” “Hoping that you’ll bloom again soon.” “I would say ‘get well soon,’ but that’s not soon enough.  I hope you get better quickly.” “May the garden of your heart be nourished, and may your body be healed.” Thank You “Thank you for being you.” “Thank you for warming my heart.  I hope these flowers do the same to you.” “These flowers are pale in comparison to the beauty of your heart.  Thank you.” Congratulations “A standing ovation for you!” “You have done so much and come so far.  Congrats!” “Keep it up!  The world is your oyster!” “You’re going to change the world!” This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what you should put on the card, but it all follows one simple golden rule: do not forget the card! Flowers are beautiful, but it is the card that really gets the smile. To brighten up someone’s day today, come by any of our locations—we would be more than happy to help!


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