Independence Day

Independence Day

Independence Day in America, what we commonly call the 4th of July, is a time of fireworks, outdoor concerts, and barbecues. It’s the “official” kick-off of summer! And chances are, you and your family have been invited to a barbecue or pool party – and of course, you’d like to gift your host for their graciousness. But what to give them? Are they plant people? Flower lovers? Would they appreciate a themed gift basket, or a gourmet basket?

A gift incorporating two or more of these elements in a red, white, and blue theme is a nice way to “cover the bases”, so to speak! Grilling or cooking implements, festive napkins, and glassware in a white basket combined with a small plant, the whole thing wrapped up with a star-spangled bow and an American flag or two would be a welcome gift for any host. Or a flower arrangement, maybe in a red cube vase with blue delphinium, white roses, and red mini carnations, dotted with candy “rocket pops” in patriotic colors – a beautiful centerpiece for their table, along with treats for the kids (or adults!). Gourmet snacks are always a hit, so a basket of charcuterie delicacies that your host can place on the table for all to enjoy will ensure that your gift is appreciated by everyone!

We here at The Garden of Eden are here to help you pick the perfect host gift! Call us today!

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