I do’s and DIY’s - Weddings

Posted on September 17 2018

I do’s and DIY’s - Weddings
Planning and decorating your wedding venue can be so much fun but it also can be a lot more work especially if you decide to take on the task alone. Watching your special day come to life is so meaningful and you can create your own unique story. Doing it yourself also can save some money which, when it comes to a wedding, is always needed! Here are some tips and tricks to create a stunning day that will leave your guests raving for months! Make sure to outline your expectations. Develop a budget that you and your fiancé are comfortable with. Outline the major details that you feel are important in reflecting who you are and what makes your relationship special. Then determine how you want to highlight those aspects and get to work! Simple can be sweet, as well as extremely elegant. The saying less is more applies to wedding planning. Repeating elements throughout the space can be effective in giving a vibe and a set tone or theme. Having glass vases with candles and flowers scatter throughout the venue will give texture and variety as well as saving money. You will have to purchase less blooms and the consistency will still be evident through the venue. When it comes to centerpieces, try to keep them to a minimal, especially if you are doing them yourself. Attempting to create large centerpieces will not only be overwhelming for you but also your guests. If it is not executed properly, they may look sloppy or just be excessive; not giving your wedding day the affect you want. When it comes to table arrangements and furniture throughout, depending on your time frame consistency is the best. If you don’t have much time, choose table settings and chairs that all match. If you have more time, or its most important to you, look for chairs of different kind but keep them consistent by having them all in the same color. The same thing goes with table décor. If you want different plates and glasses to fit a rustic or vintage vibe, create consistency at each table and have an overall matching theme. Remember to always have a contrast. If you have the ability to go overboard with your flowers, choose simple pieces to surround them on the table. If your plates and silverware pop, choose a refined table cloth to help showcase them. If everything on your table is busy, it is hard to appreciate special details. Choosing the wedding favors can be so much fun. They are a cute little present to thank your guests for celebrating your special day together and a way to reflect the two of you as a couple. Consider putting together a hangover survival kit or a baggie of all your favorite snacks. Throw your name and wedding date on it to add a personal touch that people can take as a keepsake! Another great way to save money, and the environment, is to skip the paper programs. Most people don’t know what to do with them after the ceremony and they end up getting wasted or thrown away. Opt for creating your own chalkboard or display with all the information your guests need to enjoy your ceremony! No matter your budget or theme, it is possible to creating a stunning wedding without the help of a planner. You have the tools to do so much on your own and it can be fun. Even gather your bridesmaids for a fun girl’s night of crafting and chatting about the special day. While these are just a few tips and tricks there are many more creative ideas out there to help make your day as special as it should be!


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