How To Take Care of Your Shamrock Plant

How To Take Care of Your Shamrock Plant

Top o’ da mornin’ to ya, lads and lasses! Want to keep a little luck of the Irish to yourself this March? Here are a few tips to take care of your little potted shamrock plants way after St. Patty’s Day is long gone! Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to grow a four leaf clover!🍀

1. Make sure your little shamrock plant isn’t in direct sunlight. He needs some but we don’t wanna burn him!

2. The soil should be moist but try not to overwater him!

3. When your shamrock becomes dormant (the leaves begin to turn yellow and then brown) stop watering him altogether and store it in a cool, dark location.

4. Remember to keep your shamrock away from pets. Shamrocks contain oxalic acid which is consumed in large amounts and can make your furry friend very sick!

5. Don’t fret if your shamrock has folded leaves at night time! They’re just sleeping. They’ll open up when the sun rises and wakes them up.

6. Definitely allow your shamrock to dry in between watering periods. Those little guys don’t like to sit in water.

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