How to Make the Best Use of Phalaenopsis Orchids on Your Wedding Day

How to Make the Best Use of Phalaenopsis Orchids on Your Wedding Day

If there’s one form of orchid that’s sure to turn your wedding event into a magical affair, it’s the Phalaenopsis variant. These beauties deserve a stellar spot into your wedding ceremony as well as the reception. And in case you’re wondering just how, we’ve got some fabulous news for you. From state of the art floral arrangements to subtle and delicate yet seamlessly stunning bouquets, we’ve lined up the best ways on how to use phalaenopsis orchids in all its glory. So let’s take a look!

Wedding bouquets - striking and exquisite floral components

To help you create the ultimate blend of modern and monochromatic hues, how about experimenting with a cluster of single toned phalaenopsis orchids for the most striking effect imaginable? These dreamy bouquets for days can be created in plush pinks or whimsical whites, anything that tickles your fancy.

Alluring all white displays- heavenly blooms at their finest

White phalaenopsis orchids can be grouped intricately together to create an alluring all white display that’s truly second to none. Place the floral elements in tall vases made of glass and scatter them around- some on the floor while others placed on pedestals. Trust us when we say it’s an exquisite modern wedding theme done right this season.

Pretty place settings- perfect start to a festive gathering

Wow guests with your beautiful table setting as you place gorgeous phalaenopsis orchids above your immaculately designed calligraphed menu cards. This finishing touch is sure to win hearts on each guest’s personalized place setting.

Dramatic décor- the ultimate wow factor to turn heads on your wedding day

Believe it or not, phalaenopsis orchids can work to take your main event’s décor to new heights of sheer glory. We’re talking dozens of intricately strung orchid strands and crystals, placed over the guest’s dining area. This idea is fabulous for those wishing to create a picture perfect ambience in an outdoor themed reception.

Phalaenopsis boutonnieres- classic and chic, statement making accessories

Single flower phalaenopsis orchid boutonnieres make for stunningly chic accessories when pinned on coats. The classic white hue pairs immensely well against a wide array of formal wardrobe tones, creating an ambience that blends beautifully with your overall floral theme.

Curved centerpieces- stylish and versatile from every aspect

Centerpieces can make or break your wedding’s décor in more ways than anticipated, making them the star on every table across the room. And by incorporating curved centerpieces comprising of delicate phalaenopsis orchids, it’s a reception décor element that’s awe inspiring to say the least. Giving your décor that added boost of style and grace, create the most delicate arches by setting two multi-flower orchid stems in tall and transparent glass vases, with narrow necks.

Phalaenopsis orchid backdrops- blend of dreamy and tropical chic

Ready for a beach themed tropical wedding but stuck on selecting a backdrop that’s one of a kind? Well look no further as this phalaenopsis orchid backdrop comprises of dreamy tropical vibes sure to elevate your décor to a whole new level of amazement. Combine rich green monstera leaves with gorgeous clusters of classic white phalaenopsis orchids and you’re set for a Caribbean celebration that screams refinement every step of the way. Follow Us on Instagram!
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