How to Choose Wedding Flower Colors - Eden Events NJ

How to Choose Wedding Flower Colors - Eden Events NJ


Weddings are both fun and challenging to plan. In the heart of everything, you have a color theme that links up and harmonize the entire event. In choosing your wedding bouquet and the overall floral arrangements, this theme, as well as the color scheme, will also play an important role. Of course, you need a professional florist to coordinate this. That way, you can ensure everything blends well with regards to your wedding theme in a way that maximizes the available budget. But then, here are some of our tips for choosing wedding flower colors for your big day. 


White wedding flowers

You can hardly go wrong with white wedding flowers for any color theme or wedding dress. Although this will blend well with whatever dress they are paired with, you may want to add a touch of green to give the bouquet a unique appearance in front of your white wedding gown.


Red wedding flowers

A red bouquet in front of your white dress will make a beautiful sight. Nothing speaks more of passion and romance on this lovely day.


Yellow wedding flowers

A bright yellow bouquet will light up the mood at your wedding. You can also pair this with yellow for a more romantic outlook.


Green wedding bouquet

Black bridesmaid dresses? They’ll look stunning with your green wedding flowers bouquet. Adding a bit of pink to this will make it more Victorian.


Purple wedding flowers

Think purple will be somehow drab for your wedding bouquet? Combining this with a bright-colored flower-like yellow will make a big difference. You can also pair your dark purple flowers with white and lime green flowers for something more beautiful and amazing.


Orange wedding flowers

Dreaming of a perfect summer wedding? Orange wedding flowers will do! Their vibrancy and beauty make them perfect for a unique but still stunning appearance.


Pink wedding flowers

Pink roses are pretty and so feminine. They come in different shades but are one of the most popular choices of color for many brides.


Choosing wedding flower colors

This is a fun thing to do, but you want to ensure you have a professional florist by your side to oversee the whole process. This is because of the sheer value of their experience and expertise in this field. You have to understand that choosing the best wedding flower colors involves far more than just picking a color that matches your wedding dress. The florist will help you make better floral design and arrangement decisions after thoroughly evaluating a host of different factors that can include the wedding’s overall theme, the venue’s color scheme, your budget, and other essential things. All of these will factor into your ideal bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, and the entire floral arrangements. Weddings are undoubtedly one of the most memorable moments in the lives of most people. With an experienced florist, you’ll be able to bring more magic into the day with the best wedding flowers and stunning colors to make the day more colorful and magical regardless of whatever your budget for this may be.
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