How to Choose the Color of Your Wedding Flowers

How to Choose the Color of Your Wedding Flowers

Planning a wedding doesn’t come easy, especially when it comes to little details that mean most. Your wedding flower color is a great example of this simple notion. How does one go about selecting the color palette for flowers? Should your flowers blend in with your theme and bridal team’s attire? For questions like these and more, it’s time to turn your attention to some fabulous expert tips on how to choose the color of your wedding flowers the professional way. So let’s help you get started!

Stunning apricot hues- Amaryllis

Bold blooms may manage to take on a subtle and calming effect while being romantic too. This flower is not only easy to find year round, their large and appealing effect is easy on the eyes but sure to give brides a look that’s regal from all angles.

Sophisticated and classy cream and whites- Garden Rose

A wedding ceremony that’s draped in white fantasy calls for a sophisticated floral staple. The charming garden rose manages to do just that and more with their large petal counts as well as glorious shape.

Luscious reds- Ranunculus

Fantastic for royal red wedding palettes, the luscious ranunculus with its rust to vibrant colored options are a reliable companion that holds up majestically. Remember that these blooms look best when grown to full age.

Heartwarming blushes and lighter shades of pink- Café au lait Dahlias

If soft and subtle is the direction you’re aiming at this wedding season, experts suggest that dahlias act as splendid options for brides who can’t get enough of this alluring pastel palette. Not only are these blooms large in size, but their showy appeal also strikes a heart winning pose in more ways than one. These blooms do tend to melt but when in full cooperation, there’s truly nothing that’s more gorgeous.

Blooming blues- Tweedia

For a wedding bloom that you truly can never get wrong, Tweedia is the answer to all wedding floral prayers. Arising with the perfect tone of blue for a well rounded color palette, this accent flower manages to strike as a stellar showstopper when placed amidst any arrangement.

Shining yellows- Sunflower

While many of us may not associate sunflowers as our first pick for wedding blooms, wedding experts recommend that floral components manage to work immaculately towards completing a high end casual affair. Sunflowers portray a happy and cheerful demeanor, while being super easy to find as well as grow.

Alluring caramels and browns- The combo rose

Hints of mesmerizing caramels and browns can now be achieved in the most seamless manner imaginable using a bloom with a dual tone effect. Considered by many to be the symbol of perfection for all things neutral, combination roses emit an alluring caramel appeal with sublime rays of tan and gold too.

Lovely light greens- Pee Gee Hydrangea

While traditional classics are loved by many, it’s time for a new twist on all things elegant. Pee Gee Hydrangeas emit gorgeous neutral tones with a subtle vibrancy. When paired alongside a number of other hues, hydrangeas are of good value while managing to make a fabulous statement for both arbors as well as floor pieces.
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