How roses came to be THE Valentine's Day flower

How roses came to be THE Valentine's Day flower

Here at Garden of Eden Flower Shop, we're lovers of all types of flowers. All of them. However, this time of the year, we know that many other buds tend to take a back seat to roses. To many people, roses are Valentine's Day (this coming Sunday, February 14).


And, we know as there's no debating that roses are absolutely beautiful flowers. However, have you ever wondered just how they became so associated with Valentines Day? We were curious, too. Therefore, we uncovered the answer and wanted to share it with you all. We found that the association actually dates back to ancient times and legends about love. According to Roman myth, Flora - the goddess of flowers - came across the dead body of a young woman. Flora was apparently so moved by the death of the beautiful young girl that she then transformed the body in a beautiful white flower - the rose.


The Goddess then named the flower 'rose' after the God of Love, Eros. A separate Greek myth connects the story of Adonis, who was killed, and how his lover, Aphrodite, rushed to see his body, however she pricked herself on a plant of thorns as she made her way. Legend says that drops of Aphrodite's blood colored the flowers and, in doing so, turned them into red roses. Yet another Christian myth cites Eve as bringing roses to the forefront. The legend goes that she kissed a white rose, which then blushed and transformed to red.


The legend continues that thorns only become prominent on red roses following Adam and Eve's exile from the Garden of Eden. No matter where the legend began, roses are an absolutely beautiful way to express your love for someone this Valentine's Day. You can stop in one of our four south Jersey locations, or shop online here for all of your Valentine's needs!

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