Posted on June 09 2022


Many of you will recognize June’s flower of the month - honeysuckle! Many of us spent most of our childhood tasting the sweetness of this wild plant! However, did you know there are two different types of honeysuckle? Honeysuckle is a perennial plant. This means that they grow back year after year. There are ones that grow on a vine and ones that grow on a bush. Climbing vines usually need lots of upkeep and pruning in order to avoid a matted mess later on. 

Honeysuckle grow and produce their best blossoms when they are in direct sunlight. When planting them, they should be planted in soil with good drainage.


Japanese honeysuckle are most often homegrown and are one of the types of honeysuckle most recognized. They showcase shades of red and pink however in the summer and autumn. Trumpet honeysuckle begin to show their pink shades in the spring. 

Winter honeysuckle bushes most commonly bloom their white petals during late winter. Sakhalin honeysuckle bushes produce dark red blossoms. Last but not least, freedom honeysuckle bushes are unscented but produce white blooms. 


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