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History of the Corsage

Posted on May 11 2016

History of the Corsage

Hey there Garden of Eden fans, prom season is here!  Dresses, tuxes, and limos all seem to be in hefty demand around this time of year, along with florists being flooded with orders for corsages.  It seems almost customary for the date to get a corsage for his partner, but how did all of this come to be?  Join us, as we look into a brief history of the corsage to see how it became so popular.

The idea of people wearing flowers with their clothing is as ancient as civilization itself, as there are records that the Greeks wore them to ward off evil spirits at a wedding.  The bride and other women at the ceremony would always have a flower pinned to their clothing, and would often carry bouquets.

This tradition of wearing flowers at formal events continued all the way up into the early 20th Century, where the pinned flower moved from the bodice of the woman's dress, to her shoulders.  With the advent and incorporation of sleeveless and strapless dresses, the flower was then moved to be placed at the wrist of the date, where it is commonly seen today.

However, prom corsages did not originate until the early to mid-1900's, where it was common practice for the man to present the parents of the girl with a bouquet of flowers for when he went to pick her up for the dance.  It was customary for the man to then take a flower to the bouquet, and either pin it to the dress, or tie it around the date's wrist.  Year after year since then, the corsage has become a focal point in the prom scene.

Corsages are undoubtedly an extremely important part of the prom tradition.  To make your corsage pop out this prom season, you need dedicated and talented florists to make it all possible, like the ones here at Garden of Eden Flower Shop.  Just give us a call, tell us what you need--or better yet, send us a picture, and we guarantee that we will come back with a wondrous corsage that is sure to leave your date speechless on prom night.


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