Hanging onto New Heights - Wedding Floral Arrangements

Posted on August 27 2018

Hanging onto New Heights - Wedding Floral Arrangements
It is time to elevate your weddings floral arrangements, literally and figuratively! Hop onto the new trend of hanging installations. From simple greens to elaborate walls and ceilings of flowers, there are many hanging options to suit your wedding style. Floral arrangements encompass more than just your basic bouquet and center pieces; they now include hanging arrangements. Some brides prefer the look of big blooms. While they can be somewhat over powering, choosing to hang them in different ways can take away some of their overdramatic nature. Choose some eye-catching vases, whether they are vintage or classic, and put a stem or two in each. Spread them throughout your venue for a whimsical vibe. For those brides who prefer something other than flowers or don’t have it in their budget to fill their reception with flowers, consider vines and greenery. They are a simple but elegant way to draw attention to otherwise ignored details. Bringing greenery to your special day allows you to bring the outdoors inside. Drape garlands or vines throughout the venue or on the ceiling. Using clear wire gives an airy feel as if the pieces are floating. Want a more intimate feeling surrounding your tables? Placing blooms or greenery on a pergola of some sort around the table will give a more closed in and cozy feeling. Adding hanging candles to the hanging vines will warm up the area too. The contrast of the cooler tones of the greens to the candles or the way the candles enhance the colors of the blooms make this a go to for intimacy. Wreaths of all sorts are in style this season with brides. From wearing them to hanging them don’t be afraid to layer up! Choosing different shapes and sizes of wreaths and placing multiple together or throughout the venue will give an astonishing piece of art without breaking the bank. When it comes to the wreaths, simple and delicate are a go to. Consider using the wreaths as a way to display your seating cards, guests can interact with the pieces. Keeping with the hanging, and somewhat Christmassy feel, garlands are our next obsession. Making vines of flowers or greens and zig zagging them through your wedding day will bring some freshness and pop of color to the ceiling, an often-overlooked feature that can easily be played up. These installations are easy and fairly light, making them simply beautiful. Not the traditional bride but still like some traditional touches? Bring a chandelier of blooms and greens to your big day. Consider hanging string lights around it, as the night goes on the flowers get showcased, lighting up the room and bringing a warm glow to the evening. Consider choosing a wooden trellis of some kind to make an extensive chandelier of flower, greens, candles or lights, and any other simple touches that reflect your day. And how could we leave out the classic wall of flowers. A trend that is taking off is having an instillation as the background of your ceremony. Not only does it utilize the natural beauty your flowers have to offer but it enhances the backdrop of your day. The photos will be that much more stunning with the help of your flower wall. As your special day approaches, consider how you want to spend your money on flowers. Don’t be afraid to be out of the box and hang your arrangements instead of leaving them around the venue. Not only will they be an eye-catching talking point but it will allow for more creativity when it comes to other décor throughout the venue! Contact us and talk to a wedding flower specialist!


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