Grocery Store vs. Flower Shop

Posted on September 07 2016

Grocery Store vs. Flower Shop
When it comes to buying flowers, one simple question always seems to arise: Do I buy them from a grocery store, or a florist?  While both may appear to be great options, there really is no simple answer to this question.  Join us today as we explore this debate, and the pros and cons for both options. Of all the things the people value when it comes to buying flowers, convenience is a huge factor.  People do not like to be "dragged down" with a florist, and much rather deal with the no-frills action of running to the grocery store to pick up flowers.  There is some truth to this claim, as grocery stores are perfect for just running in and grabbing something quick, as a nice gesture of "Hey, I was thinking of you."  However, many florists do have flower arrangements already on hand, despite the commonly held notion that they only make what they are asked to make. In addition to convenience, another pillar of flower buying is appearance, and the variety of flowers available.  A grocery store will not have the same variety as a flower shop does, nor will they be able to match the appearance of an arrangement made by an experienced floral professional.  Flower shops ultimately have the edge here. Finally, people also consider the health of the flowers, and how long they will last in a vase.  Again, the grocery store seems to fall short.  Having flowers sit out in the open--in containers all day without water--will wear down on the lifespan of the flower.  Not only that, but you have no way to tell how long the flowers have been sitting out there, and most of the time it could have been several days.  With an arrangement from a flower shop, the flowers will be cut the day of, giving you the maximum freshness for your buck. For the person on the run, grocery store flowers make for a perfect idea, as they are quick, simple, and easy.  However, for those who look beyond ease, and for those who care about presentation and a lasting impact, a flower shop is the way to go.  Prices will be comparable, so why not opt for the better deal if you have the time? For more floral tips and tricks, be sure to check back to our blog regularly!


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