Great Reads on Gardening

Posted on August 30 2017

Great Reads on Gardening
Like with any other passion, gardening is one built on practice; over the years, you will learn from experience the best way to do certain things.  However, sometimes a good book can be a catalyst for that, and give you knowledge that you would otherwise learn in time.  Join us today, as we go over some of the best reads for gardeners, both young and old! Square Foot Gardening—Mel Bartholomew Many consider this to be the best gardening book out there, especially for beginners.  Essentially, this book give you advice on how to lay out your garden by—you guessed it—square feet.  An essential for those who are looking to jump into the hobby, but don’t know where to start.  The Pruning Book—Lee Reich The skill of pruning is a must for any gardener, yet some may have a hard time with this task, especially if they are new to it.  Whether you have had countless years in your gloves or are just picking up a pair, we guarantee that you can learn something by checking out this book.  After reading, you’ll be set to prune anything you may come across, from apples to grapes and to roses and shrubs. American Horticultural Society A to Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants It may look like a beast, but this book is your guide to knowing everything and more about the plants you have or are looking to plant.  If you are planning to really refine your skills as a gardener, there is nothing better than knowing everything you possibly can about what you are working with, and this book has it covered.  Every plant you can possibly think of is in this book.  That being said, it does come with a high price tag, but we for one believe that the investment is well worth it. Rhapsody in Green: A Novelist, an Obsession, a Laughably Small Excuse for a Vegetable Garden—Charlotte Mendelson Our final recommendation can be summed up by this phrase: less factual, more fun.  As a gardener, you will go through times of stress and disappointment, and sometimes you may be wondering why you took up the hobby at all.  Well, Charlotte Mendelson tackles these problems and more by sharing with your her passion for gardening, which will want you to put down the book (if you can) and grab your gloves once more.  Save this one in your library for when the times get tough and you need a little pick-me-up. Gardening is a wonderful passion, and these books can help refine that even more.  For more book recommendation or gardening tips, feel free to come on in and have a chat!


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