Gorgeous Gladiolus

Gorgeous Gladiolus

The flower of the month for August is the gorgeous Gladiolus! This luscious looking plant is a perennial plant that derives from the iris family of flowers. The gladiolus is also generally known as the “sword lily” for its spiked shape cascading into a point like a sword. Also, it is a derivative of the Latin root word “gladius” meaning “sword.”

This being said, gladioli will not last in cold hardiness zones. The gladiolus flower symbolizes strength, faithfulness, and integrity which is a definite ode to their tall and stocky appearance. Gladioli bloom in a variety of colors such as pink, cream, orange, red, purple, and green. Gladioli do not continuously bloom but rather only for two weeks when planted.

This particular flower actually attracts plenty of hummingbirds, bees, wasps, and sunbirds. Contrary to its lovely allure, the gladiolus is toxic both to pets and humans. Gladioli begin their floral journey by blooming in early July to August. Gladioli are native to South Africa so they love lots of sun and plenty of great drainage. 

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Do you sell dahlia tubers and glad corms? If so, how do I access a catalog or get on your mailing list?

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