Giving Flowers Abroad

Posted on February 22 2017

Giving Flowers Abroad
If you have traveled to anywhere outside of the country, you know first hand how different some things can be from here.  For one thing that we take for granted in the States, it may be seen as widely offensive in another part of the world.  Believe it or not, flowers fall into this realm, and the custom of giving someone flowers can be greatly complicated when travelling.  Luckily enough, you have the Garden of Eden Flower Shop right behind you, here to help you navigate these different customs.  Join us today as we go over a simple guide to giving flowers when abroad. When it comes down to it, you need to be careful of all of the local customs, as they can be vastly different from other parts of the world.  Let’s touch on each region, and give a broad overview on flower etiquette. South and Central America Basically, the general rule with flowers in these regions is to always bring flowers with you whenever you go to a dinner party.  It is seen as rude to show up empty-handed, so do yourself a favor and come knocking on the door with a bouquet of flowers in hand—just be sure to avoid 13 flowers in a bunch, as it is seen as very unlucky.  You safest bet is to get some white flowers, as they are a neutral color that signifies your honest intentions and the purity of the home. Europe Like the Americas, flowers a typically a good gift for dinner parties, but they come with much more stipulation that in the Americas.  For example, be sure to give them in odd numbers (except for 13), but also try your best to steer clear from anything white or yellow, as they can have negative connotations attached.  Go for something more colorful—just be sure that they are in an odd number. Asia As a general rule of thumb, stay away from flowers completely.  Many Asian countries have polarizing views on flowers, so it may be in your best interest to forgo them entirely in order to ensure that you will save face on the whole continent.  Flowers in these countries must meet very strict guidelines in order to be seen as a polite gesture.  However, if you are still in need of a gift, try for chocolate—just avoid any denomination of 4, as it is seen as unlucky. Gifting flowers can be a little bit more confusing than it may seem, but with the right knowledge, we are confident that you will be set, no matter where in the world you choose to go.  Unlike these nations, giving flowers in the U.S. is pretty straightforward, and is seen as a nice gesture no matter where you live! To brighten up someone’s day, stop on in today!


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