Get-Well Flowers: A Handy Guide

Posted on June 28 2017

Get-Well Flowers: A Handy Guide
Nothing expresses your sympathy and compassion more than flowers do, which is why they have been a staple of “get-well” baskets for years.  However, picking out the right ones to say exactly what you want to say can be a little challenging at times.  Therefore, we invite you to join us today, as we give you a simple guide to get-well flowers! When dealing with flowers for this occasion, there are a few simple rules you should follow.  In addition, you should never lose sight of the reason behind the flowers: to brighten someone up.  That being said, you are not out to drown the recipient with noxious floral fumes, but to shower them with your care.  Try to stick to flowers that are not overly scented, and ones that are bright and cheery—the sunflower is a perfect example of this. Other flowers that you should plan to have in your arrangement include roses, tulips, hydrangea, and daisies.  All of these flowers are bright, cheery, and will not annoy the roommate with their scent.  Of course, if the you know the favorite flower of the person you have in mind, go with that instead. If the person you have in mind is not in the hospital and is recovering at home instead, then a gift of a potted plant will go a long way.  As opposed to a normal arrangements, a potted flower is meant to last, and shows your lasting care.  All that needs to be done is a simple watering, and it will last for a long time.  The aforementioned flowers are great ones to put in a pot as a gift! Furthermore, it should be noted that get-well flowers are not just for women—men can enjoy them too!  In fact, the results of a Harvard study indicate that fresh flowers can boost energy and therefore increase recovery time, so everyone can benefit from flowers by their side! Finally, there is no reason to limit yourself to just flowers in a get-well package.  Feel free to include chocolate (so long as they are not on a dietary restriction), crossword puzzles, and a card.  Your imagination is the limit when it comes to putting together a package, so go with what you feel is right!  However, if you were to include anything else, our recommendation would be at least a card, as it serves as a lasting reminder of your care. Being ill is certainly no fun, but flowers can make it a little bit more bearable.  To put together an amazing get-well, package, come on in today and have a chat with us!  In no time, we’ll whip up exactly what you need!


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