Garden of Eden Tip of the Week: Choosing Funeral Flowers

Garden of Eden Tip of the Week: Choosing Funeral Flowers

 The death of a loved one is always extremely tough to navigate, especially if you're close enough to the family to want to reach out to them in their loss. In this situation, one of the more difficult decisions to make is whether or not to send flowers. A secondary decision will then need to be made on where to send the flowers to. We can tell you one important piece of information in advance - you can never, ever go wrong in your thoughtfulness to send flowers to the grieving family.

Here at Garden of Eden Flower Shop, we can tell you there are a variety of funeral arrangements. Traditionally, they are comprised of white flowers in simple vases. However, they range to ornate custom arrangements. While you may find this hard to believe, it is also typical to see red flowers as part of a funeral arrangement.

Lillies, calla lillies and carnations are tradionally sent in the event of a death, however; it truly is acceptable to send other types. One good tip we can tell you is this: if you knew the deceased's favorite flower, be sure to include that as part of the arragement. While some people may choose to send their choice of arrangement to the funeral home or church, you may want to consider sending yours to the family home. Because your arrangement will be able to be seen for a longer period of time by the family, they will be reminded of your thoughtfulness after the services are over.

Flowers are a reminder of life and beauty, even in times of sadness and loss. Therefore, the most important thing to keep in mind when deciding on a funeral arrangement is that you want to bring comfort to the lives of the mourning family. You don't want your choice to make things hardeer on them, even in terms of care or maintenance of the arrangement. Remember, you cannot go wrong in your choice to send an arrangement. For a selection of the most tasteful funeral flower arrangements, we invite you to visit one of our three locations. Our Garden of Eden team is here to serve you and assist you with all of your floral needs, especially in the toughest of times.

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