Garden of Eden Flower Shop Tip of the Week: Your Wedding

Garden of Eden Flower Shop Tip of the Week: Your Wedding

Hey there all of you Garden of Eden Flower Shop (GOE) fans out there and welcome to our latest Tip of the Week! As were are in the heat (literally) of wedding season, our GOE floral team wanted to share more than one tip this week when it comes to wedding flowers and arrangements.

1. Get creative with reusing flowers on the day of your wedding. If your ceremony is being performed at a church or other facility with an aisle, these ceremony flowers can be re-purposed as centerpieces at the reception. Let our team help you make the most of what we'll be providing to you.

2. Think of booking your Garden of Eden Flower Shop team closer to the beginning of the wedding planning process. This way, our team can have a better understanding of both your budget and your vision and can adjust accordingly if need be. We want to have the opportunity to present the best floral experience for you as possible.

3. Keep an open mind. In our industry, we love when a bride comes to us with an overall look and feel of what she is looking for and let's us use our creativity and expertise to create that. If you're stuck on having a particular type of flower or two, you may be missing out on something you could have never imagined. These are just a few of the points we encourage you to consider when planning a wedding. Additionally, we invite you to please check out our breadth of wedding services by following the link here.

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