Garden of Eden Flower Shop Tip of the Week - Reviving Roses

Posted on August 24 2015

Garden of Eden Flower Shop Tip of the Week - Reviving Roses
Happy Monday all of you Garden of Eden fans out there and welcome to our latest "Tip of the Week" feature! This week, we're going to share with you our little secret regarding how you may be able to revive a wilted rose. We hope you find our tip useful! Enjoy... In the event you ever have a rose that wilts prematurely, we encourage you to follow these steps for a possible revival. (Disclaimer: this is not a guarantee, but will provide a good chance for a second life).
  • Fill up a sink with warm water
  • Place the rose in a horizontal position in the water and trim the stem approximately one inch
  • Leave the rose in the water for about two hours and allow the water to also cool
If the rose is already well past its prime it may not revive, but this method has been known to work wonders. Wed invite you to check back in with us next week for our newest Garden of Eden "Tip of the Week". Enjoy!


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