Garden of Eden Flower Shop Tip of the Week: Prolonging Flower Freshness

Posted on July 13 2015

Garden of Eden Flower Shop Tip of the Week: Prolonging Flower Freshness
Whether you've purchased fresh flowers from one of our three locations, of you've received a delivery from someone else of one of our colorful bouquets, we'd like to share with you some simple tips in order to keep them looking fresh for as long as possible:
  • Keep handy a range of different styles and types of vases.
  • Be sure to trim the ends of your flower stems at an angle. Regularly do this as stems will seal up and you want to them to have the ability to draw up fresh water.
  • Add teaspoons each of white vinegar, bleach and sugar to the water to both reduce sliminess in the vase as well as prolong the life of the flowers.
  • Stabilize the vases. You can add pebbles to weigh down the vases and support your arrangement.
  • When your arrangement has finally come to the end of its lifespan, be sure to clean the vase with warm, soapy water.
  • Try not to work towards matching up your floral arrangements to the size of your vase. You can achieve a balanced arrangement by using ratios of both flowers and twigs.
We hope you are able to enjoy your flowers for a longer period of time by following these steps! Please check back in next Monday for our newest Garden of Eden Flower Shop Tip of the Week edition.


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