Garden of Eden Flower Shop Tip of the Week: Gardening with Kids

Posted on August 17 2015

Garden of Eden Flower Shop Tip of the Week: Gardening with Kids
Hey there all of you Garden of Eden fans and welcome to our latest "Tip of the Week! During the summer season, we know you may be seeking out different activities to do with children. Therefore, this week's tip(s) are centered around getting outside, enjoy the fresh air and gardening with the kids. Have fun! Involve the kids as much as possible: Get them interested in the process right from the beginning - allow them to chose their own little tools and gloves. These days, there are so many cool designs and fun colors for them to chose from. Guide them, but don't decide for them. You can provide then with advice regarding types of flowers, pots, etc. - but ultimately allow them to make the final decisions - they'll be more invested in the project. Demonstrate the difference in plants' needs. Show the kids that while some flowers and plants may require more sunlight than others, conversely, what they selected may need more water. Allowing the kid to get a little dirty is a good thing. Let them dig, rake and shovel. So what if there's a little dirt. They'll feel proud of their accomplishment, and you'll be happy they did a little work. Spending time with the kids during the summer months can be an enjoyable thing. You'll reap the benefits of your beautiful garden, as well as quality time together. We invite you to check back next week for our Garden of Eden "Tip of the Week". Have a wonderful day!


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