Flowers for Guys?

Posted on January 11 2017

Flowers for Guys?
One of the biggest misconceptions out there in the floral world is that only girls should be given flowers.  While this may have been in effect 300 years ago, the culture that has transformed into this day and age makes it perfectly acceptable to gift a guy flowers.  Read on to learn more about this topic, and situations for when it is perfectly acceptable to give the man in your life flowers! For the same reasons that girls love to get flowers, guys like to get them too.  They serve as a nice gesture of being in someone’s thoughts, and can most certainly say something where words cannot.  With that being said, one of the most appropriate occasions to give flowers to a guy is for no reason at all—just a “thinking of you” arrangement.  Other occasions include a congratulations for an achievement, get well soon bouquets, and for an apology, not to mention a housewarming or host gift. Now, just because men like to receive flowers does not necessarily mean that they like to receive the same type of flowers that women do.  Just as women have a certain taste for what flowers they like best, so do men.  However, we will say that on average, men will prefer something a little bit more subtle than an arrangements of bright pink roses, but it is wholly dependent on the guy.  Your best bet is to figure out what kind of flowers he likes best before gifting some to him.  Alternatively, you can forgo that statement all together and let the language of the flowers themselves do the talking, especially if you are trying to send a heartfelt method.   In today’s day and age, flowers are no longer seen as just a “girl thing,” but rather something that everyone can enjoy and love! So what do you say?  Come on in today to find the best arrangement under the sun for that special guy in your life!


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