Flowers On The First Date: Yes or No?

Flowers On The First Date: Yes or No?

Right up there with the meaning of life and the best thing before sliced bread, the question on whether or not to give flowers on the first date is an incredibly difficult one to answer, especially in today’s world.  


Luckily enough, the floral experts here at the Garden of Eden flower shop have put together a guide for you to follow, so you can navigate this dating minefield with extreme confidence! So, we know that giving flowers on the first date was something your grandparents did, but the times have changed greatly since then, especially in the world of dating.  


So while you may think that flowers for the first date is outdated, we say that it is not necessarily, but on the same token, it is not a steadfast strategy to go by. It all comes to down a case-by-case instance, but we tend to err on the “no” side.  Let us explain:  If you are setting up a blind date, or have not talked to the person extensively before, then handing her flowers can send her the message that you are coming on a bit too strong.  In addition, the way in which you deliver the flowers (as in the motion and means you physically hand them to her) can also send messages of awkwardness if not done correctly. However, this is not always the case.  


Say you have known this person for a while, that they have been a friend or co-worker and now your once-friendly relationship is blooming into a romantic one, then it may be a good idea to give flowers on the first date.  They can show the person that you care, and that you plan to take this next step seriously—but remember, the flowers you choose to give can send a whole different message, so be careful in what you pick.


Now, in either case, you should not avoid flowers all together during the beginning of a relationship.  In fact, sending some flowers after a great first date is a fantastic way to show appreciation, and to thank them for a night out.  Just don’t try to overdo it.  


A small bouquet of sunflowers or even roses is more than enough to get your message across, and hopefully help in securing a second date.  No need to send a grandiose expression...yet. The role of flowers in dating can sometimes be a little complicated, but know that you can always turn to the Garden of Eden Flower Shop for help.  


From expert advice to fresh cut flowers, we have everything you need to navigate your dates with confidence. Stop on in today and see what we can do for you!

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