Flower Girl Flowers: Traditional vs. Trendy

Posted on October 27 2018

Flower Girl Flowers: Traditional vs. Trendy
Being a flower girl can be a big task for a little girl. Having a little sweetheart walk down the aisle before you has been a traditional part of weddings for years but now the tradition has come with some new flair. Everyone pictures the flower girl to be walking down the aisle scattering petals throughout the walk however, it can be very hard for a young child to evenly distribute the number of flowers. If you want to stick to tradition and make it appear as if the child is effectively spreading the love, suggest to your florist or wedding planner that she arranges the flowers before the ceremony. Your flower girl can still then have the traditional task of scattering just with less pressure. If you opt to not have the petals spread before she walks down the aisle, give her a few tips or tricks that are easy for her to comprehend. Show her how to do it and then have her practice scattering some herself. Make sure the basket has an appropriate amount of flowers and that it is not too hard for her to carry herself. Whether it’s the perfect amount or piles around, she will have a great time and your guests will love seeing her either way! If you don’t want to risk the ever popular tradition but still want to incorporate a flower girl, there are many ways to go about doing so. If the child you have in mind is too young to walk down the aisle by herself, consider scooping her up and putting her in a wagon or cart of some sort. Have a member of the wedding party, or another flower girl, pull her down the aisle while she scatters the petals. Sometimes the task of scattering is just too much for your special little ones. If you still want her to walk down the aisle, pomanders are a great idea. This new trend gives a touch of elegance or “like the big girls have”. The bouquet style arrangement is adorable and easy for her to hold. Another option, depending on the flowers in bloom and your color scheme, is to choose a large, single flower for her to carry. If you have a bloom that has a structure and can be carried on its own but also incorporated in your bridesmaids’ bouquets, it will fit the day perfectly. This is a good option for an older flower girl because it makes her feel more mature and fit in with the other women in your wedding party. For a unique spin on the traditional job consider having your flower girl carry something other than flowers down the aisle. If you want to keep the number of flowers on your special day to a minimum, considering having your girls carry signs. A new and fun trend is creating little love signs that your girls can carry down the aisle. Some suggestions for what they can say are “here comes the bride” or “just wait until you see her”. Another new trend is the hoop bouquet. Not only can she carry this but later she can put it over her should or play with it. It is easier to hold than a bouquet and adds nice elements of textures, colors, and shapes. This half floral, half accessory piece is not limited to any style or price range. You also could go with the traditional bouquet. Have a mini version of yours created all for her. She will feel special knowing you two are matching and won’t feel as if she is the center of attention with her role, therefore making her more comfortable when walking down the aisle. No matter what you choose to have your flower girl carry, toss or wear, whether she is walking, being wheeled, or being carried, she will remember that special moment for years to come. Dressed as a little princess with some kind of flower or banner, she will shine and make your day even more special!


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