Flower Girl Flowers

Posted on June 18 2018

Flower Girl Flowers
On your wedding day, the smallest grand entrance starts with your flower girl. It can be a big role for the littlest of the bridal party. It is important that you plan for the ever-changing attitude and playfulness of your little lady. Make sure she has fun but also that your walk down the aisle goes smoothly with some of these unique twists on the traditional petal dropping. It starts with choosing an age appropriate arrangement. Some children may not be able to handle the task of carrying the traditional basket, sprinkling – or dumping – the petals evenly, smiling, and staying on course. The basket may be a task for an older flower girl, one who can grasp the concept more so. If the basket concept strikes a chord with you but you want a different take on it, choose a different vessel in which you place the flowers. Depending on the vibe that you are trying to achieve, pick a piece of hardware that can display and carry flowers down the aisle. A rustic tea kettle can make a subtle statement when it comes to displaying the flowers. A new trend that is more for the littlest of your maids is the flower ball. A small ball shaped bouquet of flowers that the girl can wear on her wrist or carry in her hands. It eliminates the fear of an overturned basket and the chaos that could ensue with the stress of “failing”. Choose a ribbon that can be incorporated into the wedding and match the color scheme, making a beautiful little purse! For the more whimsical bride, flower girl wands are becoming popular. What little girl hasn’t dreamed of waving a beautiful wand. She will get a magical feeling as she walks down the aisle twirling and whirling away. The joy she will feel can help put the bride at ease for her big moment. Choose streamers, flowers, vines, and other textured pieces that fit into your wedding style. As beautiful as flowers are, they can be over powering. In an attempt to not overshadow or overwhelm your little guest opt for a single giant flower. It creates a stunning and simple statement that can highlight the colors of your wedding and a beautiful memento that she can keep remembering the special occasion. For those brides who have ruled out the idea of having the flower girl carry her flowers can turn to the flower accessory options. Floral crowns are a great alternative to have your flower girl have flowers. They will make a little one feel like the princess she is and are absolutely gorgeous. With the ability to pin the flowers into her hair, there is little room for accidents on the way down the aisle. The temptation of fooling around with the flowers is very high for some little ones. Some girlies may not be able to sit still long enough to have the flower crowns secured and most kiddos want to run around barefoot. For those little maids, opt for floral feet. Creating anklets or even attaching the flowers to shoes will keep the flowers out of sight and out of mind while still giving a whimsical vibe. Some brides may want to include special little ones in their day but don’t want to spend the money on flowers that will underappreciated or overthrown on the ground. A good alternative for your flower girls are signs with sayings such as “here comes the bride”. Depending on the vibe of the wedding, pinwheels, bubbles, confetti, or balloons may be adorable and appropriate options to outfitting your flower girl. There are so many fun and age appropriate options to creating a special moment for your leading little lady. Consider your tastes and her age when choosing the piece and responsibility you give your flower girl. These tiny tots are near and dear to your heart and are important enough to be in your wedding so pick an option that will make their day and your day magical!


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