Flower Companions

Flower Companions


Flowers are a beautiful gift by themselves, but if you are truly looking to go the extra mile, there are some things you and add to your arrangement to really drive the message home.  But in a world filled with so many options, what exactly are those?  


Join us today, as we go over some of the best companions for your flowers! One of the things that drives people to give flowers is to send a message, and flowers are the perfect medium for that.  With each flower containing a rich complexity of meanings around it, you can be sure to find the perfect flower for the message that you are trying to give off (and if you need help, feel free to consult our weekly Feature Flower Friday blogs or ask a Garden of Eden florist!).  

However, if you are trying to give a specific message with a flower that has many meanings attached to it, then perhaps adding a card will go a long way.  Not only can you be sure to exemplify the right message, it also gives the person whom you are giving it to something tangible to hold on to, as it is a sad fact of life that flowers cannot last forever.  A card with a sweet message will go a long way, no matter what the meaning is, trust us. In addition to this, if you are trying to send a sweet message with your flowers, what is better than including something sweet along with it?  

Chocolate is not only a girl’s best friend, but it also goes real well with flowers as a gift!  Perfect for most occasions—from a romantic setting to a congratulatory celebration and even the a get-better arrangement, chocolate should be your go-to.  Luckily enough, the Garden of Eden Flower Shop has a plethora of chocolate for you to choose from, so you can be sure that you will have the perfect companion for you flowers. Finally, you can also attach a physical gift to your flowers.  

The elaborateness of this gift is wholly dependent on the meaning you are trying to get across, but a small gift can go a real long way with someone.  This is a much more subjective area, as you need to know the person whom you are giving the flowers to fairly well to make sure that the gift goes well.  However, if you are stuck on idea, a bottle of wine, a glass, or even windchimes can do the trick.  

When it comes to situations like these, be sure to ask your Garden of Eden florist for ideas—they can recommend you something that we have in stock as the perfect companion to your flowers. Flowers by themselves are beautiful, but sometimes having an extra punch when giving them to someone can go a long way, and really solidify the meaning that you are trying to get across.  

For more flower gifting ideas, be sure to consult our blog and your friendly neighborhood Garden of Eden florist!

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