Feature Flower Marigold - from Garden of Eden Flower Shop

Feature Flower Marigold - from Garden of Eden Flower Shop

The marigold is the October birth flower. It is known for its vibrant orange color and is native to the Mediterranean. The first recorded cultivation of marigolds began with the Aztecs, who believed that the sunny flower possessed magical properties. Spanish conquistadors took these marigolds back with them to Spain where they were grown in monasteries.

From here, the marigold spread throughout Europe, and ultimately the rest of the world. Throughout history, marigolds have been used as dyes and as culinary ingredients, as well as a cure for many health ailments. In Mexico and Latin America, marigolds are used as a primary decoration for All Saints Day, where altars are embellished with these bright orange flowers. Today, the marigold is one of the most popular flowers in the United States.

With a bloom time that spans nearly the entire year, this October flower blooms from spring to fall and are one of the hardiest fall flowers. Avid gardeners plant marigolds around other flowers and vegetables, due to their ability to repel insects and pests. Additionally, their odor can repel bacterial growth within the soil, keeping it healthy and nutritious for other plants.

The marigold is likewise associated with the sun - being vibrant yellow and gold in color. The flowers are open when the sun is out. The marigold is also called the “herb of the sun”, representing passion and even creativity.

Due to their color and beauty, they are often used as love charms. They are also used in East Indian wedding garlands, depicting beauty and a sign of a new beginning for the married couple.

Marigold flowers are not only significant in East Indian culture but also all over the world. It was believed that water made from marigold was used to invoke psychic visions of fairies, if rubbed on someone's eyes.

It’s believed that because of their strong odor, dead souls are attracted towards the flowers. Burial sites in Mexico are adorned with marigolds and even the private altars constructed for the dead are surrounded by them.

According to the language of flowers, the smaller French marigold flower means jealousy and the larger, ball-shaped African marigold flower means a vulgar mind.

Reaction to the scent of marigolds is ambivalent - people either love it or hate it. Regardless, it does indeed remind many people of the onset of Autumn!

Happy birthday, October babies!


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