Feature Flower Friday: Violets

Posted on April 15 2016

Feature Flower Friday: Violets
Hi there all of you Garden of Eden Flower Shop (and chocolates and gifts) fans! We’d like to welcome you all to our latest Feature Flower Friday! Each week, we will be featuring a different type of flower, the meaning behind them and the reasons you would give or present them to someone This week, we're talking about the Violet.  Enjoy! The violet, much like a rose, can have many different meanings based off of the color that it is, but the generalized theme of the violet is modesty and fondness towards others.  Violets are versatile in what they may be used for: some are used to display affection, others for mourning.  This has basis in history, where the Victorian era thought that the flower symbolized affection, but the Romans considered it a flower of mourning. In Medieval times, however, the violet was thought to ward off evil spirits, and had the power to heal various ailments.  In addition, the violet has deep ties into Christianity, denoting spiritual wisdom, humility, and faithfulness.  Thus, they make a great flower to give on a 50th wedding anniversary! Not only that, but it is also the official state flower of New Jersey! The violet can fit many meanings, just like how it can fit into almost any bouquet.  To order your bouquet of violets to send a message to someone you care about, give us a call today!


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