Feature Flower Friday: Sunflowers

Posted on April 29 2016

Feature Flower Friday: Sunflowers
Hi there all of you Garden of Eden Flower Shop (and chocolates and gifts) fans! We’d like to welcome you all to our latest Feature Flower Friday! Each week, we will be featuring a different type of flower, the meaning behind them and the reasons you would give or present them to someone This week, we’re talking about the Sunflower.  Enjoy! For the most part, sunflowers have a central meaning, that can branch off into different directions depending on the context of the situation.  Since the sunflower has the uncanny ability to directly face itself towards the Sun's rays, the sunflower is often perceived as a symbol of resiliency, happiness, and strength.  However, they can also stand for loyalty and longevity, as they are often seen as the happiest of flowers. The sunflower is also seen as a direct gift of the sun, a symbol of brightness and warmth.  With that being said, they are perfect to give anytime during the spring time, for a graduation, or for a get-well bouquet.  Anyplace that could use some brightening-up is a perfect place for a sunflower; the imagination is truly the limit! To give some warmth to your specially-order bouquet, just ask your florist to include a few sunflowers into the mix, they will be more than happy to do so!


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