Feature Flower Friday: Magnolia

Posted on April 07 2017

Feature Flower Friday: Magnolia
Hi there all of you Garden of Eden Flower Shop (and chocolates and gifts) fans! We’d like to welcome you all to our new Feature Flower Friday! Each week, we will be feature a different type of flower, the meaning behind them and the reasons you would give or present them to someone else. Join us this week, as we cover the magnolia! Magnolias are truly a beautiful spring flower—their size and color captures the essence of the season, and sends messages of joy to all that it touches.  However, while this flower has a wonderful appearance, the true beauty lies in its meaning. In full, the magnolia means love, especially when given from one person to another who are engaged in a romantic context.  During the Victorian times, the most meaningful thing a man could do to a woman he was courting was to give her a magnolia, as it validated her beauty and personality.  For more contemporary times, the magnolia can be used to represent a feminine side to life, but the true magic comes out in the color of the magnolia. White magnolias, as with many other flowers, represents purity and dignity.  This is the most common form of the magnolia in wedding bouquets, especially in the southern United States.  Purple stands for royalty and status, while pink speaks to beauty or affection. No matter what context you plan to use a magnolia in, they are extremely beautiful flowers nonetheless.  If you are in the need for some wonderful magnolias, just stop into any one of our various locations in South Jersey, as see what we can do for you! Have a great weekend, Garden of Eden fans!


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