Feature Flower Friday: Heather

Posted on April 28 2017

Feature Flower Friday: Heather
Hi there all of you Garden of Eden Flower Shop (and chocolates and gifts) fans! We’d like to welcome you all to our new Feature Flower Friday! Each week, we will be feature a different type of flower, the meaning behind them and the reasons you would give or present them to someone else. Join us this week, as we cover the Heather! You know the name, but did you also know that the heather is an evergreen plant? These shrubs have the ability to grow just about everywhere, but it is not their adaptation—instead their symbolism—that amazes most. Typically, the heather flower represents independence, good fortune, and good luck. It is easy to tell where the “independence” comes from, but the heather flower also stands for protection, especially in regards to a white one. Now, these symbolisms are great, but the heather has plenty of medical properties that draws the attention of many. For example, the heather flower is an antiseptic, and can also work as an anti-inflammatory agent. Furthermore, it is an anti-rheumatic and a diuretic. While we do not recommend growing heather in your backyard to make your own pharmacy, it is something nice to put in the back of your head in case you are ever in a survival situation. Heather is a beautiful flower, and would look even better in your next arrangement from us. Just stop on in to see what we can do for you! Have a great weekend!


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