Feature Flower Friday - Narcissus (Holly)

Posted on December 04 2015

Feature Flower Friday - Narcissus (Holly)
Hi there all of you Garden of Eden Flower Shop (and chocolates and gifts) fans! We'd like to welcome you all to our latest Feature Flower Friday! Each week, we will be featuring a different type of flower, the meaning behind them and the reasons you would give or present them to someone. Today, we're talking all about the Narcissus (Holly). Enjoy! We selected the Narcissus (Holly), because it is the official birth flower of the month of December. Also known as the daffodil, this flower is the impetus for the origin of the term narcissism. Per Greek mythology,  Narcissus was a young hunter who was well known to be very attractive. The myth goes that Nemesis lured him to a pool and that Narcissus enjoyed his own reflection in the water so much, he lost his focus and as he got closer to try and get a better look of himself - he fell into the pool and drown. In the floral annals, the Narcissus is known as the National Flower of the kurdish people as is meant to symbolize the New Year. Per Chinese legend, the Narcissus will bring gold and wealth to an otherwise poor, but good man. It also symbolizes the New Year in the Chinese culture. You can present Narcissus to the parents of a newly-born December baby.


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