Feature Flower Delphinium - from Garden of Eden Flower Shop

Feature Flower Delphinium - from Garden of Eden Flower Shop


For those of you born in July, a very colorful but very poisonous flower, delphinium, is the symbol of your birth month. A dual-mood flower, so pretty yet so deadly!

A type of line flower, tall, spiky delphinium is perfect for large, showy arrangements and wildflower looks. It comes in an array of colors such as pink, white, blue, and purple. Pink, blue, and white colors are also available. Each color symbolizes a specific meaning. Pink is contrariness, white is happy, and purple signifies first love. In general, the delphinium has a meaning of strong bonds of love. Other meanings are big-hearted, joyful, and sweet. But such a beautiful flower is also a member of the deadly Foxglove family, and any part of the plant, when ingested, is toxic. Keep it away from children and pets on an inaccessible shelf!

Delphinium is so named because each flower has a dolphin-like “tail”; Delphina is Latin for “dolphin”. It is primarily from Africa and North America, but the cut flower industry has easily been able to grow them in greenhouses worldwide.

Some archaeologists have come across Ancient Roman wall frescoes that feature delphinium in floral scenes, and if you find a painting of a dolphin from this time period, the stylized shape resembles a delphinium flower. It’s a very graceful flower, for all its fullness, and the texture makes a perfect, airy complement to a wildflower theme.

If you’re lucky enough to find wild delphinium, you’ll be shocked to find it’s extremely petite and short. Just like wild snapdragons! The reason is that growers have been able to hybridize the flower to a level of height and fullness to fit the needs of florists. The closest form of wild delphinium used by florists today is ‘Volkenfried’, which comes in one color – a bright, almost neon, royal blue. All other delphinium used is hybrid delphinium, as well as another type called larkspur, a sister of delphinium.

If you’re born in the hazy, sunny summer month of July, you’re likely a bit sweet and a bit spicy, just like your birth flower! Treat yourself to a beautiful bunch for your birthday, but be respectful of its danger! Happy birthday, July babies!


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