Feature Flower Daffodils - from Garden of Eden Flower Shop

Feature Flower Daffodils - from Garden of Eden Flower Shop


If you’re born in the month of March, you of course have the luck of the Irish. But did you know you also have the luck of the Welsh? The daffodil, March’s birth flower, is beloved by the people of Wales not only because it’s their national flower, but also because it’s named after their country’s patron saint, Daffyd (David). Saint David’s Day, March 1st , is when the citizens of Wales celebrate their national pride by wearing daffodils and eating leeks! In areas of the U.S. with a high Welsh population, such as Philadelphia, some florists stock up on cut daffodils by March 1st --- and will be sold out by March 2nd!

Greece, also, has an enduring ancient myth about another type of daffodil: the narcissus. The story of Narcissus starts with the handsome youth falling obsessively in love with his reflection in a lake and unable to tear his eyes away (hence the modern term “narcissism”), and ends with the goddess Aphrodite turning the pining young man into a white and gold flower at the water’s edge. According to the Ancient Greeks, the heavy and drooping heads of narcissus and daffodils are so Narcissus can forever look down at his image.


When using cut daffodils in a vase, take a tip from we florists: the clear sap that drips from the stem of freshly-cut daffodils is poisonous to other flowers, so place the cut stems in a separate container of hot water for an hour before arranging. The hot water will draw out the sap and make the daffs safe for inclusion.


Those born in the month of March can take heart in the fact that their birth flower is one of the first heralds of Spring! The moment you spot the yellow, sunny buds peeping out from their nodding, tall stalks, you can just feel that warmer weather is right around the corner!

Happy Birthday, March babies!

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