Edible Flowers

Posted on July 20 2016

Edible Flowers
Most people use flowers as decorative pieces, to either brighten up a room or add a sense of flair to style.  Others, however, use flowers as a tasty snack.  While almost anything is edible (so long as you're brave), here are some flowers that taste good, and are great for your health too! Before we begin, we encourage you to only eat flowers that you have grown yourself.  Some florists use chemicals and pesticides to treat their flowers, which are not meant for human consumption.  And, as always, proceed at your own risk. Hibiscus:  The hibiscus flower is commonly used to make tea, but you can eat the flowers yourself for a nice snack.  If you like cranberries, then the flavor of the hibiscus is right up your alley. Rose:  Rose petals are edible, however some people describe their taste as a strong, perfumed flavor.  This being said, rose petals are perfect for laying across desserts, or even in drinks.  Just be sure to remove the white base before eating, as it is extremely bitter. Sunflower:  Sure, everyone has heard of eating sunflower seeds, but what about the actual sunflower?  Pluck the petals off the flower, or steam the bud like an artichoke for an interesting snack. Violets:  Roses are red, violets are blue, can't you see yourself eating another flower, too?  Violets are very sweet, and thus go perfect as a garnish with dessert or a drink. Those are just a few examples of all the edible flowers out there.  There are many, many more, but before you chomp into a flower of your choosing, we highly recommend to research it first.  Some flowers look great, but can be deadly if ingested, like the poinsettia. If you're the type of person who prefers to use flowers as a decorative piece, give us a call today for your personalized arrangement.  You may not be able to eat them all, but they will be the perfect addition to any room.


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