Ecuador Strike Causes Domino Effect Allowing For Floral Shortages Worldwide

Ecuador Strike Causes Domino Effect Allowing For Floral Shortages Worldwide

There has been a floral transportation disruption following the recent strikes and protests in Ecuador. The inflation of fuel and food and disputes over oil and mining rights have pushed one of Ecuador’s biggest indigenous organizations to fight back. The Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador, commonly known as CONAIE, have taken to the streets of Ecuador’s capital, Quito, in order to fight for their rights as indigenous peoples. These protesters have used branches and burning tires in order to block off major roadways to the country's capital which is a main hub for many things - including flowers. 

Florists get many flowers from many South American countries but Ecuador is where they acquire most of their long stem roses. Tens of thousands of dollars have been lost due to trucks not being able to carry out their respective routes. Since technology has advanced immensely, we can get things quickly and conveniently nowadays. Amazon allows us to get things shipped right to our doors in a couple of days, sometimes even overnight. However, importing goods from other countries isn’t something that quite crosses our mind. 

When placing floral orders, specific flowers may not always be possible to acquire due to international situations like these. This is why many florists will have to make substitutions - the act of substituting particular flowers with ones of the same look, feel, and value to them. Sending flowers is a gorgeous way to show gratitude and although the ideal ones may not be available, our designer’s always create each individual arrangement with love and tenderness. 

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