Easy Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Posted on November 23 2016

Easy Thanksgiving Centerpieces
Thanksgiving is a time for all of us to come together, and to give a well-deserved thanks to all of the great things that have happened to us over the year.  However, in getting ready for this holiday, we hope that you have given time to think about your centerpiece.  Feel free to come in anytime today to see what we can do to get you a fitting centerpiece for your table, but if you are reading this later in the evening (or even on Turkey Day) then read on as we give you some last-minute creative centerpiece ideas for your Thanksgiving table! Centerpieces have been a part of our traditions since the time of the Romans, but the style has changed drastically since then, and you don't need anything extravagant to make something look effective.  For example, a small platter filled with candles, surrounded by a synthetic red holly or cloth can look absolutely amazing for a centerpiece.  In addition, a small cornucopia of fresh fruit will also do wonders on the eyes of your guests.  Or better yet, a few rolled up cloth napkins in a glass, coupled in with some hay or wheat, provides a great rustic centerpiece at little time to you.  Sometimes, the best centerpieces out there do not require a lot of DIY work, and are often simple in nature. Of course, nothing would look better on your table than a centerpiece made by any one of our professional florists, as they will make something unique that will surely fit whatever you and your family.  Simply walk right in or give us a call today to have your centerpiece for Thanksgiving covered! From all of us a the Garden of Eden Flower Shop, we wish you and your family a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving!


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