Destressing with Scents

Posted on November 16 2016

Destressing with Scents
With the upcoming holidays, there's no doubt that this time of year can be an extremely stressful time.  However, whenever the going gets tough, always know that there are outlets to destress yourself, and one just might be hiding under your nose (literally!).  Stopping to smell a few flowers can instantaneously reduce your stress levels, and may be just the thing you need to make it through these next few weeks.  Join us today as we go over some flowers that are great for destressing, and how you can use them to relax at the end of a long day. As the saying goes, you need to make time to stop and smell the roses.  This saying may be overused, but the practical application is not used enough.  The natural scent of a rose has a strong calming effect on the human mind, and carries with it a fresh aroma.  Sure, you can find rose-scented things just about anywhere, but the scent of a fresh rose will do wonders to reduce your stress. In addition, lavender is another great flower to surround yourself with when the going gets tough, as it comes with a pleasant warm scent to brighten you up.  In fact, lavender scent was so popular, it was the unofficial scent of the 1920's; everybody everywhere had lavender somewhere in their room.  While smelling lavender is just awesome, you can also pour in some lavender essential oil into your bath for a calming experience. Finally, another great flower to surround yourself with to destress is jasmine.  This Indian flower carries attributes of an exotic existence with it, and smells incredibly warm.  For us, the scent reminds us of a tropical vacation, or a relaxing day on the beach.  By either placing a few flowers in your home or by sprinkling some petals into your next bath, you can be sure that this flower will do great to help decompress after a long day. These times may be hard, but they don't have to let you down.  The next time you are in a bit of a rough patch, stop and smell the flowers, and we guarantee that you will be ready to take on the day after that.  Or better yet, stop into any one of our many locations in South Jersey to take in the aroma of fresh cut flowers, and find a nice set to take home with you. For more articles, be sure to check back to our blog every Wednesday!


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