The flower for the month of July is delphinium! The word derives from the Latin root turned Greek word “delphis” meaning dolphin. The flower symbolizes protectiveness and cheerfulness.

There are several types of delphinium such as the Belladonna. They are generally tall and have floral spikes. Chinensis are compact forms of delphinium. Delphinium typically have a dark blue or violet color to them. Through hybrids, there have been various shades available such as lavender, purple-pink, red, and white. There are over 400 species of delphinium to date.

 Delphiniums are also commonly referred to as “larkspur,” however there’s a distinct difference between the two. Delphinium is a perennial and larkspur is an annual type. A perennial is a plant that returns year after year. An annual plant only lives for the season.

Although in the past delphinium has been used for herbal medicine, it is very harmful to both humans and animals due to its toxins. If even a small amount of the herb is ingested, it can cause death. 

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