Common Wedding Flower Mistakes

Posted on August 31 2016

Common Wedding Flower Mistakes
As a flower shop that specializes in weddings, we know how big of an impact the right floral arrangement can have on your wedding. However, during our years of business in the South Jersey region, we have noticed a few common mistakes made in the wedding-planning process. Today, we would like to share a few of those with you, so that you’ll be better prepared when it comes time to plan out our big day! Out of all the stories we have had with clients, some of the most stressful ones come from miscommunication, or a lack thereof. When you choose us to help with your wedding, we are with you every step of the way, whenever you need us. Please, call and tell us every detail of what is going on, and be sure keep us in the loop at all times, even if it may seem incidental. For example, if you plan to take photos before the ceremony, let us know and we can bring your flowers over early. Communication is key, and with a wedding, it is tantamount to a stress-free experience. Another common mistake we have seen over the years is that some clients will be hung up over a specific photo that they found online. While we do encourage you to have a photo to base off of, just know that it may be extremely difficult—or in some cases, impossible—to recreate exactly what is in the picture. So long as you are flexible, we will do our best to come as close as we can, or we may suggest a different idea based off of the theme of your wedding. Whatever it may be, please know that we are here with your best interest in mind. We want you wedding to be the best it possibly can, so by letting us make suggestions, we can help make it perfect. Planning a wedding is without a doubt one of the more challenging and stressful things in life, but there are many people there to help you make it the best it can possibly be. We here at the Garden of Eden Flower Shop take immense pride in our work—we would never put out something that would not work with your wedding, as it is a direct reflection of our artistic passion. When you choose to go with us for your wedding, you are choosing a family-owned business that cares for you before, during, and after the wedding. To start to plan your wedding floral arrangements, give us a call or come into any one of our many locations to sit down with our wedding flower expert.


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