Common Flower Mistakes Your Florist Wants You to Know

Common Flower Mistakes Your Florist Wants You to Know

Mom, can I have this apple? -That's not an an apple! That's an onion! -No it's not! -Alright, If you insist.. (When you rather die than admitting an error) from r/funny
Things are not always what they seem. It can be easy to make mistakes and get caught up when you have preconceived notions like this little boy: You’re planning your big day and you want to make it perfect, from the ceremony to the reception and everything in between. Flowers are a key component that most couples have ideas about but fail to consider many factors. Not to fear, it looks like you are on the right track to making your day everything you’ve imagined, especially considering that you are reading this article about things not to do!

You can’t always get what you want

First things first, expectation versus reality. It is important to do some research so you have a starting point for your florist. Have you been on Pinterest, planning and pinning away since you were a teenager? Have you spent hours searching to find the arrangement of your dreams? Well if you have one idea, or one hundred in mind, don’t get your hopes up too high. To recreate a look from the internet is very hard, so you must be open to interpretation. You may dream of indulging in an apple, but don’t be disappointed when you find out it’s only an onion.

Insisting on having it your way?

Just because you think something is going to be perfect, doesn’t mean it is. Be open to the possibility that the onion may not be as tasty as the apple, but it may be delicious too. Constantly questioning your florists’ decision could create tension. Remember that they are the professional. Wait to see what they come up with and make adjustments from there. Don’t be too set in your ways, otherwise you could fail to see that your wedding could be even better than expected.

The customer is always right…. sometimes

It is important to consider seasonality. If you are having a fall wedding but have your heart set on spring blooms, you need to be flexible. The little boy had his heart set on an apple but received an onion, he made it work and so can you! It is important to pick flowers that are going to hold up throughout your day. If flimsy flowers need water to avoid a midday droop, chose hardier types such as tropical flowers or anything that grows from a bulb. Flowers that are in season won’t need to be shipped. Look at the bright side, you expenses will be minimized!

Compromising is key

If the apple is too much, make peace with the onion. But if you can have the apple, go for it! Having a small budget limits your selection of flowers greatly, but there are so many ways to compromise. Having a budget too large may have you focusing on more expensive flowers. Don’t overlook those that are less inexpensive, as they will be just as beautiful.

Sights, sounds, and scents

Don’t let the idea of an onion make you tear up? An overwhelming scent is going to be unpleasant even if it is the flower you want. Either chose small amounts and incorporate less scented flowers or dismiss that flower. It is important to consider the size of the space, whether the occasion is indoor or outdoor, the food palette, and the fact that people may have allergies. While it is your day, you want your guests to remember the special moments, not the fact that they couldn’t sit through the ceremony without sneezing.

Careful color consideration

From the dresses to the linens to the venue, it is necessary to consider your color scheme in reference to your flowers. Flowers are expensive,so don’t let the beauty of your blooms fade away. Be flexible with your choices, sometimes it pays to choose the onion over the apple. Change it up, use various flowers, shapes, sizes, and colors to create fuller looks. If you have your heart set on a monochromatic arrangement, vary the shades of that color to help your flowers make a statement. Having your heart set on the apple and being pleasant surprised when you indulge in the onion is not a bad thing. Changing your mind about your flowers based on budget, season, colors, and other important factors doesn’t make your wedding visions any less valid. Being open to options is what can make your special day stand out from other weddings!
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