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Common Cut Flower Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Posted on March 29 2017

Common Cut Flower Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Mistakes, like flowers, can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  Some are easy for many to find, and others take a trained eye to locate.  Not only that, but some are extremely common, and can be found almost anywhere.  Just like the rose and the tulip, we invite you to join us today, as we cover some of the most common cut flower mistakes out there and how you can avoid them! Stem Trimming For a cut flower to last long in your home its stem needs to be cut once a day.  Now, not only is the fact of cutting the stem important, but also the angle in which you cut it.  Many people just cut straight across the stem, which provides average water absorption, but one little change can drastically increase the lifespan of your flower.  By cutting on an angle, you create a better pathway for water to be absorbed, meaning that your flowers will be hydrated for longer.  However, when you do this, make sure that you are cutting with a sharp object, as many people make the mistakes of using a dull or blunt knife. Trimming Leaves When flowers get old, they start to shed their petals and leaves, and sometimes they can find themselves in the vase water.  A common mistake that some people may make is to leave these leaves and petals in the water, until the arrangement itself has died out.  By leaving in the petals and leaves, the bacteria content in the water drastically increases, which can in turn result in the flowers dying way too soon.  Do yourself a favor and remove any stragglers from the water as soon as you can. Placement Flowers can brighten up any room, but where you place them can have a direct effect on the lifespan of the flowers, and certain spots can mean almost certain death for some species.  Common placement mistakes include leaving them near a heater or air conditioner, windy spot, or direct sunlight.  Unless your florist tells you otherwise, do not leave your flowers directly in sunlight, as too much can be a bad thing for many flowers.  A better alternative is to put your flowers in a cool, still place that gets some light, but not too much.  You will find that this placement—in combination with regular watering and trimming—will greatly increase the life of your flowers. From time to time, we all make mistakes, but there are some mistakes that we can easily avoid.  We hope that you will keep these aforementioned tips in mind the next time you find yourself bringing home an arrangement of flowers!  


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