Chocolate Facts

Posted on August 17 2016

Chocolate Facts
Many of you Garden Eden Flower Shops fans out there know that we specialize in making amazing flower arrangements, and for having several, hand-crafted gifts available at many of our different stores, but some out there don't know that we specialize in chocolates, too!  From dark chocolate to white, to creme-filled to almond infused, we have it all, and you're sure to find the perfect collection for that special someone in your life (even if that person is you!).  However, while chocolate may make a great gift or treat, it is actually extremely beneficial to your health.  Come join us today, as we crack down on the common misconception to chocolate, and explain why having a piece can be the best thing for your body. One of the biggest benefits that chocolate can have is that it can lower the chance of a heart attack or stroke.  In fact, Cambridge University conducted a study in this field, and found that those who consumed more chocolate on a regular basis had a 37% lower risk of heart disease, and a 29% less chance of stroke than those who did not indulge.  So, think of that the next time you're debating on eating a piece. In addition, chocolate has been known to lower high blood pressure.  Cocoa beans aid in the production of nitric oxide, which is your body's natural high blood pressure medication.  Now, doesn't it make sense as to why we all reach for the chocolate when we're stressed out? Not only that, but dark chocolate has been known for ages to contain many antioxidants that are extremely beneficial to your health.  The more cocoa beans present in your chocolate, the more antioxidants you'll get out of it.  So, if you're stuck between that piece of white chocolate and that piece of dark chocolate, we highly recommend going for the dark (not to mention the taste). Finally, one of the lesser known qualities of chocolate is that it is thought to aid in reproductive health.  An Italian study concluded that chocolate may serve as an aphrodisiac, as a higher consumption of chocolate led to a higher rate of "free-spirited" behavior.  The jury is still out on this one, but it's just yet another wonder of chocolate. Chocolate may have several health benefits, but as with everything else in life, the key is moderation.  While eating too little chocolate can keep you away from all of these wonderful health benefits, eating too much can come with adverse effects, such as sugar imbalances and weight gain.  So long as you maintain a proper and happy balance, you have nothing to fear from enjoying a piece of chocolate every now and then. To take a gander at all of the chocolates we have in stock, just stop on into to any one of our many stores.  We promise that you'll find just what you're looking for!


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