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The Case (Against) Supermarket-Purchased Flowers

Posted on April 26 2017

The Case (Against) Supermarket-Purchased Flowers
So, you are looking to do something nice for a special someone, and plan to give them flowers later in the week. Who do you turn to: the supermarket down the street or the florist up the road? Both have their merits, but you will absolutely be better off going to a florist. Read on to hear why! Specialization There is no doubt that supermarkets are great because they are diverse. Where else can you go to buy a chew toy for Fido, dragon fruit, and frozen waffles in the same spot? However, they tend to find themselves living by the old saying, “Jack of trades; master of none.” Sure, flowers from the supermarket are flowers, but they will not have a large selection like that of the florist. Since the florist specializes in flowers, you can be assured that the best variety of flowers can be found there. Quality In conjunction with the previous argument, flowers found at a florist will be of better quality, due to the specialization. In a large store, you will often find these flowers by the produce section, crammed into buckets filled with water and wrapped in a plastic covering. Walk into any florist, however, and you will find flowers group together by type, in their own watering bins in a climate controlled area. All of this is to guarantee the best quality of flowers. Creativity Grabbing flowers at the supermarket is a great idea for when you are looking to do something off the cuff on your way home from work, but to leave a lasting impact, turn to a florist. After years of experience, they know how to craft an insanely beautiful arrangement that will blow your mind away. Not only will the presentation be great, but the process of picking out the flowers will be enhances, as one conversation with your florist will garner the arrangement that you have been looking for all along. Helpfulness When you look to an employee of the supermarket, they will more than gladly point you in the right direction of where they have a certain item, but will not offer much help beyond that. A florist, on the other hand, knows what flowers will give off the message you are looking to give, and will recommend to you certain ones in favor of their symbolism. Supermarket flowers are great in a pinch, but for the extra effect, you are better heading off to the florist. It may take more time than your traditional “grab-and-go,” but it will be well worth the added expense. Come on in today to see all of these reasons—and more—in person!


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