Calla Lily Wedding Flowers Meaning

Calla Lily Wedding Flowers Meaning

Calla lilies are one of the most popular choices for brides. These flowers are known for their beauty and enhance the beauty of your bouquet. These eye-catching lilies symbolize innocence and purity and mostly used during the summer and spring season weddings. These flowers are also used to express appreciation on Mother’s day and on Valentine’s Day. Calla lily is one of those exotic flowers which are easy to grow and care. White Callas require more water for their growth however hybrid calla lilies require drainage for their growth. After their plantation, they need 8 weeks before they blossom. Their exposure to sun should be somewhat limited as they just need indirect light. During winters just keep them indoors so that their tubers can rest. Let’s discuss the meaning and history of Calla Lily.


Historical meaning

Calla is the Greek word for beauty. Calla lilies have the great mythological history. In history, these flowers are associated with ancient God Hera who was the wife of Zeus. It is said that when Hercules was born, Zeus wanted his son to have the power of gods. He brought his son to nurse from his wife Hera while she was sleeping. When Hera awoke she just pushed Hercules away and as a result, few drops of milk landed on earth and at that place Calla Lilies bloomed. It is also said that these Lilies are associated with Venus. According to Roman mythology, when Venus saw the beauty of pure white blossom of Lilies, she became jealous and felt that her beauty is threatened. She cursed the Lilies and at that time huge pistil sprang from the lily’s center.


Lilies – A symbol of Purity

As you all know that Lilies have many varieties and each type depicts different meaning and used for the variety of expressions. White Lily expresses innocence and purity, while yellow lilies symbolize gratitude. Pink Lilies are given to express romance and appreciation and if you want to express admiration and royalty you present Purple Lilies. While Black lilies depict elegance and mystery, Red lilies are known for beauty and courage.



In 19th century, Calla lilies are offered to the recipients with passionate messages without the use of words. It was the way to express hidden symbols as it resembles femininity. This sensational calla lily meaning was also portrayed by artists like Freud and Georgia O'Keeffe.


Good Luck

They are mostly used by brides because they are known to bring good luck for the person using them. The mystical magic of Cara Lilies can be felt if you grow them in your garden. They are often used in flower arrangements and mostly need a hot environment for their growth. But after cutting if you want to put them inside a vase, just make sure to keep them in the cool place.


Symbolic Meanings of Calla Lilies according to Colors

You can use this mystic flower according to your wedding theme color to add the symbol and spiritual benefits in your ceremony. - White Call Lilies: Innocence and purity. - Blue Calla Lilies: Sophistication and femininity - Yellow Calla Lilies: Happiness, joy and progress. - Red Calla Lilies: Desire and intense passion for romance. - Pink Calla Lilies: Admiration and gratitude.


Uses and benefits

Calla Lilies are commonly used in bridal bouquets as they depict purity. You can observe them at formal weddings where they are mostly used in stage decorations and aisle decorations. The can also be seen on dinner tables either on vases or in the form of bouquets. Some brides or bridesmaids also prefer to wear them in their hair which gives them a royal look. Using Calla Lilies in your wedding bouquet creates a hand—crafted message for your best day. At Garden of Eden Flower Shop, we adore the versatility of Calla lily by creating most beautiful wedding bouquets. Please follow us on our Instagram for the latest news...
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