Birthday Flowers: A Guide

Posted on August 16 2017

Birthday Flowers: A Guide
Figuring out what flowers to give someone can prove to be a hassle and a half, and the type of occasion can compound that problem immensely.  We understand, and we’re here to help, which is why we have published a “guide” series on our blog.  Join us today for a continuation of that series, as we cover birthday flowers! Birthday flowers are always a nice touch to give someone, but knowing just what kind of flower will make them smile can be a challenge.  Not only that, but you also want to be aware of the finicky language of flowers, as you do not want to send your sister-in-law a message of deep and intense passion and a friendship bouquet to your girlfriend. First, let’s go over some of the general rules to abide by, and then we’ll get into more detail.  The first thing you need to establish is whether the person you are gifting these to are your friend, a family member, or a lover—simple as that.  If they are a friend then stick to yellow flowers, as these signify friendship and compassion (just steer clear of yellow carnations, as these spell out disappointment).  For a family member, colors such as pink, orange, and yellow will do you good, as the first two can signify caring, endearment, and just overall familial love.  For the lover, anything and everything red will do you good—it is the quintessential color of love and passion. Next, think about the overall message you want to send.  For example, you’ll be better off giving your best friend and arrangement of bright sunflowers than a few daisies (the latter is more fitting with a coworker or an acquaintance whom you do not know very well).  This is the tricky part, but by just talking to your Garden of Eden florist, they’ll be able to get you exactly you need to make the statement that you want.  Give them a little background on the person, and they can take it from there. Finally, and arguably the most important part, don’t forget the card!  Be sure to include it with the flowers when you surprise them, and either attach it to the arrangement of the separate box of chocolates.  And not only that, but make it personal, not just the form writing the card company did! So, there you have it, a simplified and foolproof guide to picking out birthday flowers.  Now you have all the information you need to make a statement at the next birthday party you go to, all with your Garden of Eden arrangement in tow! Stop on in today to see what we can do for you!


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