Anniversary Flowers

Posted on September 28 2016

Anniversary Flowers
Let’s face it—giving flowers on a anniversary can make or break it. However, while giving flowers is important regardless, giving the right type of flower can go along way, as there are different types of flowers for different wedding anniversary. Today, we would like to provide some clarity, and give you some of the most important anniversary flowers out there that are sure to make an incredible impression. For the newlyweds, a carnation given on the first anniversary represents the commitment of binding vows, and joy that can accompany you both in the next year. After 5 years of a strong marriage, a daisy given stands for innocence and gentleness of a romantic future, and all of the lasting pleasures you and your spouse have shared. Your 10th anniversary is yet another milestone, and a simple yellow daffodil represents all of the simple pleasure the both of you have shared over the past decade. It is a daffodil to represent everything that has been, and everything that is going to be. The 15th year of marriage is also another accomplishment, and it is best celebrated by a rose. The rose represents beauty and a tangible symbol of love—a love that has been so-ever strong during the past 15 years, and one that is bound to continue. After 25 years of marriage, the iris appropriately conveys the message of love.  Commonly known as the fleur-de-lis, the iris is a symbol of loyalty, and giving it to your love after a quarter of a century means that you view them as royalty.  Not only that, but a purple iris gives off vibes of elegance, sophistication, and romance—all wonderful traits going into the next quarter of a century. Finally, the last major anniversary that we are going to cover today is the 30th, where a lily is the beholden flower.  After 30 years of marriage—one that has undoubtedly changed and transformed through the times—a lily gives off a sense of adventure and passion, one that has accompanied you and your spouse since the beginning, and one that will continue to live on.  The lily embodies the passion that originally drove the two of you together, and the passion that will keep you as one over many more years. No matter what anniversary it is—or whether we covered it today or not—but there is always the right flower for the right occasion.  Give us a call or stop on in to learn more about what flower to is right for your situation; we would love to have a chat with you! Whether it be gifts, chocolates, or flowers, the Garden of Eden Flower Shop has you covered!


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