Add a Breath of Fresh Air to Your Wedding with the Season’s Trending Spring Blooms

Add a Breath of Fresh Air to Your Wedding with the Season’s Trending Spring Blooms

Spring is considered to be a wonderful time of year. The weather is impeccable for outdoor gatherings and weddings are no exception. And when it comes to décor, you’re provided with a plethora of options of vibrant spring blooms to choose from. This spring season, it’s time to take things up a notch in terms of creating the wedding ambiance of your dreams. Believe it or not, there’s no better way of doing it than by incorporating the best spring floral fantasies. And that’s exactly where we’d like to step in. Here are our top picks of flowers for spring weddings that are in vogue for all the right reasons.


Plush peonies for that stellar showstopper entrance

A spring wedding is incomplete when there are no peonies involved. Yes this springtime bloom is a favorite during the wedding season, arising in a breathtaking array of pastel hues. Did we mention that subtle softness and stunning texture is a favorite amongst brides too? This flower can also complement an endless variety of wedding color schemes too.

Roses for an added dose of luxury

There’s something so passionate and alluring about red roses and as your springtime wedding flowers, they’re simply sensational to say the least. Classy and beautiful upon every glance, roses as bouquets, table centerpieces and boutonnieres go a long way towards making the right impact at your spring season wedding.


Adding a touch of elegance with sweet pea

The elegance emitted by sweet peas is second to none, giving any ambience a seamless blend of hue and texture across all boards. Fabulous options for lilac wedding color palettes or simply as a highlighted accent of subtle vibrancy- sweet peas can be termed as the ultimate spring star.


Luscious lilacs for days

Lilacs are great options for spring time wedding flowers because they come with a sweet and inviting floral scent. But that’s not all. Lilacs are able to invoke great memories of the younger days as children, bright sunny afternoons and the first love of your life too.


Ranunculus incorporate a pop like no other

Looking for the perfect dose of pop at your springtime wedding? Well trust ranunculus blooms to do the trick with their uber stylish and edgy appeal. Great on their own or when incorporated to elegant floral arrangements, ranunculus give a striking effect at any celebratory event.

Hydrangeas emit that subtle blooming effect

The best thing about hydrangeas is their ability to stand alone yet deliver an impact in a setting like no other. This springtime wedding flowers manages to pack a punch as table centerpieces while being termed as fabulously affordable options too.

Tulips for a streamlined appeal

Couples on the search for a minimalistic and streamlined appeal can opt for tulips as their go to springtime wedding flowers this season. Tulips are great for rustic themed weddings or the most strikingly vibrant modern affairs too. They emit a charming aura that lifts up wedding atmospheres into a world of its own.

Amalgamate finesse with grace using Magnolias

Magnolias are incomparable to any other spring bloom during the wedding season. Their finesse and elegance can be spotted from miles away, making them a popular floral variant when carried down the aisle by the bride herself.
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