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A Nice Day for a White Wedding

Posted on July 26 2018

A Nice Day for a White Wedding
This hue can ensure a classic wedding, but it is also possible to achieve a creative and fun vibe, as opposed to white being extremely formal or traditional. The key to a successful white wedding is to play with textures and styles so that your wedding is multidimensional and not flat. With these tips, your white wedding can be timeless and stunning, which most weddings strive to achieve! White weddings are often connected with the theme of winter, but brides are breaking that stigma and having white wonderlands all throughout the year. Modern yet traditional, any theme can incorporate some white or all white elements. Depending on your venue, choose white details that reflect the vibe. An example would be if you are getting married in a more rustic venue use vintage lace to enhance the natural charm of the location. For a contemporary look choose more modern white furniture or white dance floor. There are many different shades of white, allowing you to mix and match. From crisp white to subtle, less starchy colors, you are not limited to one tone. Choose a white runner for the aisle, white chairs or benches for the guests to sit on and white décor around the venue. Candles are a great accessory for any wedding, especially a white wedding because the soft glow of a candle is a warm whitish, yellow. White candles can be clean and sleek looking or casual and clustered, depending on your vision. Using clear glass vases, glasses, and other votives gives off the clean, crisp style that white does and it allows the highlight of the white to shine through. Choosing white china and silver silverware reflect the color scheme throughout the meal. Also having embossed pieces, whether it be the tables or the ceremony and reception stationary, will give depth to your all white theme. While it has been typically known that white is for the bride, some weddings have been smashing tradition and giving an all-white dress code. It can be fun and exciting for people to have a dress code. It also takes some pressure off the guests about whether or not they are able to wear white. While the cake is traditionally white, there are many of ways to take that tradition and change it up. You can go for the classic, over the top cake complete with flowers and designs or a sleek looking thin layered caked with a white crumb coat. Both options are beautiful, each extremely different and white! When it comes to all white flowers, the thought may seem bland but with so many varieties of shape, texture, and size, you can create something really unique and bold or a subtle statement. There are so many different blooms that come in white, you can’t go wrong with this classic. Choose vines with little white flowers to drape around the venue. This will give off a romantic and dripping effect that is simple but still noticeable. Another cool option is to choose long stemmed roses to create a statement that is more unique. While an all-white wedding may be what you strive to achieve, don’t go too crazy trying to make sure absolutely every detail is white. Focus on major details that are the most important things to be white!


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