7 Bridal Bouquet That Are Non-Traditional and make a Statement

7 Bridal Bouquet That Are Non-Traditional and make a Statement

To a bride, one of the most important features of her wedding is her bouquet. From choosing the right colors and textures to making sure it will hold up in the toss, the bouquet is a statement. When picturing her bouquet, the bride typically only considers flowers from the garden, overlooking all of the other stunning possibilities. Now, you can stand out and elevate your bridal bouquet with some of these nontraditional, but nonetheless beautiful, ideas.

Who needs to wait a year?

While paper is traditionally a gift for the first wedding anniversary, paper can be tied into your bridal bouquet. Known for being fragile and simple, it symbolizes the early beginnings, and with each anniversary, growth. Choose pages from your favorite love story, sheet music from your song for the first dance or different colors and textures of paper. Create elegant and unique paper roses, use embellished paper to fold and layer, or even take it a step further and incorporate wooden flowers.

Tying it all together

While fabric is generally used to keep the flowers in the bouquet in their place, fabric can be the star of the bouquet. Create an entire bouquet by spinning fabric flowers into different shapes, sizes and styles. If you are cautious about breaking tradition entirely, choose to fabrics to just add pops of color and texture. Incorporating burlap, ribbon, felt or yarn adds another dimension to the basic flower bouquet.

Get your greens

Instead of choosing baby’s breath as an accent, try making a vibrant statement with greens. From palms to pines, you can replace the typical blooms with an original twist. For a daring bride, you can choose from a variety of cascading ferns mixed with eucalyptus, herbs, and evergreen to create a stunning bouquet that doesn’t need any flowers. For those that still want a touch of non-traditional, try using small buds, such as lilies of the valley, to accent the greens. And for those who just want a slight deviation from the flower bouquet, try a flower that blooms in green like hydrangeas or a flower that has tall green leaves such as the tulip.

An edible arrangement

Going to the garden doesn’t just have to be for the kitchen, now it can be for your bouquet. Fruits and vegetables can bring the farm to table feel to your special day. If you’re not sure the all green movement is for you, use different leafy greens or halved fruit as a substitute. Cabbage, artichokes and olive branches can beautifully add subtle color and texture that create a full and blooming bouquet. If a bold statement is desired, incorporating cut pomegranates or lemons are a colorful alternative to seed pods.

Structured Succulents

Not only will the low price be enticing, but so will the structure and variety that succulents can provide to your bouquet. These thicker plants grow in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and can add a fuller appearance to your bouquet. If you want a cascading touch, choose a plant called a string of pearls. They are small bead like strands that will blossom into white blooms. For those that prefer a flowering and more colorful look, choose a succulent like the California sunset, a plant that has sunset shades that look like a California sky. All succulents can stand up on their own, but mixed with flowers and cactuses they look stunning, especially when incorporated with roses.

Repurposing and balancing

While balls of cotton are typically used for household purposes, they can also be incorporated into your special day. Adding a few wisps to your bouquet give it a soft look and feel that can balance some harsher flower looks. The same rustic vibe can be achieved when choosing feathers. Picking ones that have striking patterns, colors or shapes add a detail that is hard to miss. If a heavier look is desired, choosing other natural elements such as pine cones can bring in warm, dark tones. They also offer different shapes and sizes that counterbalance the light and bright colors of the flowers.

Stunning Strands

For an option that suits many different wedding feels, chose strands of different materials, textures, and sizes. From dune and beach grasses to wheat and lavender, there are many options that can give you a whimsical effect. The strands can be placed in the bouquet itself and also wrapped around the base of the bouquet, holding it together and adding another natural element to the piece. If you are trying to find unique pieces to make a statement in your bouquet, choose elements that are fun to experiment with. Find something that you can have and hold to make your special day all your own. Looking for more wedding ideas? Follow us on Instagram! Do you have any questions please contact us through our wedding form. https://www.instagram.com/p/Be0QXTPgaus/
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